Software Developer London: Web Design That Won’t Let You Down

Do you try to avoid situations when you have to give someone your website address because your site is so out of date that you feel ashamed? Or maybe you do not feel confident if it will deliver the right message to the audience because it badly fits into your business persona? Then it is time for big changes.

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Time to Create Your New Website

Another possibility is that you have an average website that does not stand out and looks like every other website on the internet. It does not excite, has no appeal and does not make the clients want to spend more time on it. If so, you are ready to design a new website that will reflect your brand, attract customers and make you proud. Or maybe you have a great idea of the next killer app and want a professional in London to help you with the development as you do not have enough programming skills to do it on your own? Our talented experts will be happy to help you build a tailor-made mobile solution that will bring this amazing idea to life.

Digital Solutions That Bring Your Business to the Next Level

Would not it be awesome to have a first-class application or website that suits your image, appeals to the customers and adds value to your business? Working with our team in London, you will have a digital solution that will leave the competitors behind. Our software developer London guarantees you that your website or app will perfectly fit into your company, be in line with your branding and work for your success; you can be sure that is not build with an app-building platform but by a large team of experienced developers and designers in London who strive for perfection and deliver only the best results.
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Software That Works for Your Success

You can have an app or site that is great-looking, efficient and makes the customers eager to buy your products and services. In other words, you can get an online platform that increases conversion, enhances visibility and brings you profit. That is exactly what we aim at. Our bespoke software creation services will provide you with a hand-coded, high-quality software products that will help you achieve your most daring goals and connect to customers. Good news for you - our app development process and formation of pricing are absolutely transparent so that you can be 100% sure that you get what you want and that we will not charge you with any extra fees beyond the budget that is specified in the contract.

  • Newsletter subscription opportunities, contact forms and live support services integration;
  • Responsive website design that adjusts the site to all devices and screens;
  • Social media network integration to ensure the ease of content sharing and automate updates across all social accounts;
  • Close collaboration and instant support - we are ready to help you when you need us and are willing to establish a long-term partnership with your company;
  • Search engine optimisation services that boost your website rankings in search results and regular analytical reports that enable you to track traffic and optimise the content according to the visitors’ preferences;
  • App store optimisation of mobile applications;

Services Provided by Our Software Developer Team in London

Our bespoke website design services include:
  • Initial consulting and investigation to identify your business needs and project requirements;
  • Mobile business strategy development, which will help you outline the direction your product will take in the future;
  • Unique design made specifically for your brand - no templates and off-the-shelf solutions. We will translate the existing branding into your brand-new digital products or create a new one that will perfectly fit into your business. (However, branding is not included in the package. If you wish to create a randing from scratch, you can ask our expert about the branding services we provide);
  • Set of layouts for different types of content such as landing page, main page, blog posts, product descriptions, etc;
  • App or website pages populated with content water provided by you or created by expert copywriters for you);
  • Security and quality assurance;
  • Training sessions - we will explain to you and your employees how to use the new software we created either via a video conference or at your office and provide you with extensive video and text manuals;
  • Post-launch support services and app maintenance. We will quickly resolve any issues with the software, fix bugs, release regular updates and optimise our digital products to meet the demands of the ever-changing business environment. Our post-launch support package comes at a monthly fee that is calculate for each particular project based on its complexity and included services.

Ready to get started establishing the online presence? We would like to give you an answers to some of the most popular questions that our clients ask to give you a clear understanding of what to expect from web development process.


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How Long Does It Take to Create a Bespoke Website?

The first question that often comes to mind is how long you will have to wait until you can launch your brand-new website. Typically, it takes up to 6 weeks to design a custom responsive website. Thanks to our lean process, we always meet our deadlines and assign a team that has an experience in your particular area of industry. The time limits also depend on how prepared you are when you come to us with the project and on how soon you provide us with crucial feedback on our progress. Another important factor is website functionality - the more features, the more time, so if you want us to give you approximate dates when you website can be ready, contact us, and we will provide you with an estimate.

How Do I Get Started Working with You?

If you wish to work with our app development team from London, just contact us, using one of the options: content form, e-mail, telephone, or drop in at our headquarters, it will be nice to see you. We will schedule a meeting to discuss the project, give you a cost estimation, show you our portfolio and just talk to you to help you decide whether we are the right London team for your task. If you decide to hire us, we can proceed to the stage of planning your website ro app - we will thoroughly research the client’s business to identify your needs and provide you with a full-fledged mobile strategy. When you have signed the contract and approved the software requirement specifications, we proceed to design and coding, and finally supply you with the top-notch solution that you ordered.

What Development Tools Do You Use and What Extra Costs Should I Expect?

We do not use any web-building platforms like WordPress, because we strive to create unique and efficient solutions that can only be made from scratch. We carefully design every element, create a layout of every single page and pay attention to the smallest details to ensure that everything looks great and fits into your brand. As for the costs, the cost of website development does not include hosting fees and domain name expenses. You can either arrange these services on your own, or take advantage of our hosting and support services, choosing the options that suits you best from our wide range of solutions or consulting our expert to have you decide on the option that covers the company’s needs.

Extra Fees

Other possible expenses include the cost of stock images and fonts, and any third-party plugins or tools that you wish to integrate into your digital solution - we can include them in the overall cost of the development and will without a doubt inform you if anything has to be purchased at extra cost. You may also have to pay taxes for purchasing any items listed above and using our services. And keep in mind that most web tools’ and plugins’ licenses are only valid for one year, after which you will have to renew your subscription.

What if I Need Some Service That Is not Mentioned Here?

Actually, it is great that you asked it.The rang of our services is so big there is no way for us to mention all of them on a single page - apart from custom web design, bespoke software and mobile apps, we can create e-commerce platforms, complex software systems, content management tools and other tailor-made IT products for business.