3 Factors Game Developers Must Treat As Gospel

Whether its iPhone or android, there is a plethora of games that have flooded the app store. There are games of various forms, sizes and shape that indulge the users in various time-killing activities. Games like Shadow Fight 2 or Angry Birds are still renowned and played by a vast majority of players because of the excellence in their designs and their ease of use.
Newbie game developers are struggling to come up with new ideas for games and so are the old timers. Every game developer must understand the needs of their users before they sit down to code, and here is a list of 3 factors that should govern every mobile game.

#1: Design and Plot

Whether its UI or UX, the first thing every game developer should consider is the design of his or her gaming platform. The game must be appealing to the user and must stand out from the rest. For this to happen, a developer has the make his or her game charismatic and addicting. The first thing is visual graphics, which the user experiences first when he opens the game. If the graphics and design of the game is attractive enough, your user is hooked instantly. Complexity is an art and can be mastered by few. Till you reach that status, stick to minimalism.
Secondly, the game should have a sound plot that will challenge the users’ intellect. A random game with random functions will die out in the crowd.

#2: Simplicity

Simplicity is indeed the ultimate sophistication. A user will only play the game if he is able to fathom its functions and its plot. The player should be able to understand the crux of the game within seconds of opening it. As the game proceeds, the user may choose to add complex scenarios and functions, but the basic game control and steps should be understandable.

#3: Continuity and Addiction

Recent statistics show that 40-50% users delete an app within 45 seconds of downloading it. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your game, you have to get your user hooked within the first few seconds of opening it. Continuity is key. Your game should have periodic updates and extensions to keep your users drawn. As levels proceed, the game should completely absorb the user. This is addiction. A game should be such that the user forgets to have lunch.
Keeping these aspects in mind will help your game grow and go higher up in the ranking sheets. Research is vital. So before you go out and develop your game, make sure you make it your religion.
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