iOS Developer Contract: How to Create an App with Professionals

Since we are involved in the development of software for more than eight years o, we have extensive experience in construction and delivery of elegant applications integrated with the necessary functions. We will approach expert iOS developers, sign contracts, explain the ideas and help launch excellent iOS applications.

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Our IT agency was founded in 2010, iOS development began to prosper and was a promising area of ​​custom software development.

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Currently, many companies prefer to create custom iOS applications that hire certified iOS developers. Our software company has a powerful team of iOS app designers and coders. We are witnessing a sophisticated and attractive user interface design, since experienced iOS developers have innovation, superiority in terms of performance and love to solve challenging problems.

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By hiring our iOS developer, you can develop a digital solution for iPhone and iPad, relying on the latest features of the platform to develop the best development practices and the best user experience.

iOS Developer Job

For short-term projects that require service only during the development period, the contract work of the iOS developer is becoming more popular due to the advantages of working with this type of specialists. Whether you are an IT company or an independent iOS developer, until you are convinced that this contractual experience is not only a trained IT expert, but also an excellent communicator that understands the company's needs and business objectives. The excellent iOS developers hired are valuable partners who share not only the executors but also the experience and experience.

Developer responsibility

Dedicated iOS developers are committed to working with their customers discovering the key points of business problems and real corporate needs. They involve definitions, wireframes, prototyping, design, coding, testing and other stages of the project. In other words, it participates in all phases of the development life cycle. This includes the integration of new features after the start and after the maintenance. Programming itself finds solutions to mathematical problems, realizes the concept of the app and looks for an efficient way to turn that idea into a practical program.

Technical requirements

If you do not have an internal IT department and you have contracts with iOS developers, make sure they are certified members of the Apple Developer Program. In addition to being a certified developer, programmers fully utilize all the development tools offered by Apple and publish them in the App Store, including knowledge of the latest Apple beta software, TestFlight and Analytics. You can take advantage of many of the benefits of the program. In addition, professional iOS developers should be familiar with at least one of the programming languages ​​to develop software solutions that are familiar with the Xcode native integrated development (IDE) environment and that run on Apple devices. The detailed experience in creating custom iOS software also includes access to the native API, frame manipulation, integration of third-party libraries and APIs. With these skills, programmers can access the functions of available digital services such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps, as well as Apple's hardware and software features, such as video, audio, GPS, accelerometer and more.

Write a Perfect iOS App Development Contract

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It is essential to make a contract with the selected iOS developer to ensure that both parties protect the interests of the company through documented contracts that clearly establish the obligations of others.

When approaching a specialized development agency, contract developers have experience in this type of commercial relationship and know how to satisfy the interests of both parties, so it takes time to establish this contract.

It is useful to know the phrase to include in any app development contract. A complete documentation of the requirements and specifications of the app plays the most important role in determining the project costs.

You need to resolve complaints about the project results and the schedule and establish exactly what to include in the project.

  • A great experience in the development of individual software allowed us to shape the efforts of the organization to allow a better dialogue within the team and with the clients.
  • We are launching new innovative technologies in both mobile devices and the web, implementing knowledge and coding skills.
  • With quality in mind, programmers write code carefully and software designers provide extensive coverage. The designer of the user interface works at the same time as the programmer, which ensures that the design of the interface is fully compatible with the server and that performance is optimised.
  • We will organize the data in the app with the base and core frameworks, Cocoa Touch and many APIs. However, our experience far exceeds Swift and Objective-C.
  • A talented web programmer with advanced programming language capabilities such as Ruby, PHP, .NET, C ++ and C # to ensure a robust web backup of mobile applications, focusing on Converting the tool that is being made in a multifunction tool.

Payment Terms


Once the contract is formulated, the project begins, but before starting the project you must decide on the desired development method. There are two main ways to create iOS applications. The waterfall or agile method is adopted. The main difference lies in the terms of payment. Either a fixed price project or a development model per hour.

The development of a fixed price based on the cascade approach means clearly understanding the specifications of the programs that are not capable of changing the requirements during the development life cycle. In this case, it is a mission-critical task to determine milestones with contract developers and summarize important dates when IT professionals announce their first results. We will publish the payment of milestones step by step and we will move towards financing in the future.

The hourly contracts are based on agile methods and agree on hourly rates and the number of hours required for the developers to carry out the specifications of the project. With this type of payment method you can approach the creation of applications in an iterative and flexible way so that developers can adjust the program to evolve the needs as they develop. Normally contract developers set a weekly limit to maintain the budget.

  • Identify Owner

    As soon as the program is published, you must update the app, integrate the new functionality or edit the content that meets the needs of the business. There are many reasons why you need to access the code and content in the future. In the future, if you have the opportunity to reuse or change certain elements, you must indicate the copyright clause. Under the contract, all rights related to the iOS products and its code belong to you to avoid additional legal disputes and to change, update and update the iOS app if for some reason it is not possible to communicate with the former iOS developer. Please confirm that you do it. The contract must contain the clause that describes the person who owns the result of the work when the project ends.

  • Provide Clear Specifications

    Clarify the functionality of the project. The contract documents what type of work is necessary. It is important that the owner of the idea clarifies the expectations and the work that will be done. What kind of app will you build? Apple distinguishes 24 categories of applications, which include:

    • Commercial app that supports business execution, collaborative editing, content editing and sharing.
    • An educational app that provides an interactive learning experience.
    • A financial app that performs calculations and financial transactions.
    • App of health and exercise, healthy life, stress management, related to physical activity.
    • Productivity app that organizes the performance of the task, improves efficiency and many others.

    You may not need to determine the type of app before you build. In addition, there are cases where it is quite difficult for rich functions and versatile use. Developers must create an architecture that takes into account the functionality they intend to incorporate, taking into account the compatibility of integrated functionality and development time, and many other things that affect the cost. However, in any case, it is essential determine the set of characteristics.

  • Service and Warranty After Development

    For all digital products after launch, there may be some errors or errors that were not found during many tests. If you want to keep iOS developers after sending them to the Apple Store and the near implementation, include in the post-contract release review, technical assistance and maintenance. IT agencies generally offer a variety of maintenance packages. Your job is to know the terms offered and choose the most suitable for your business. We check if the employee developer offers any guarantee for the work we do and confirm that this is established in the contract of the iOS developer.

  • Confidentiality

    The idea of ​​all the applications is unique, you can achieve a high ROI. At the same time, software development is an important investment. If you want to save the project as an unpublished company since the development agency did not talk about your project in public, customers and programmers do not have details of the aerial project and apply commercial practices. , You can ask each other and consider adding confidential articles. An accredited IT company has work experience with a confidentiality agreement (NDA) and we will help you explain the confidential document scheme according to the needs of the business to create a healthy trust relationship. We will cooperate with our team.

  • Conclusion

    Write a contract with a professional developer and pay attention to that effort during the planned project period in time, time frame, service specification and after-sales service and warranty, confidentiality and copyright clause. Facilitate it, verify that all the articles of the contract are clear to you, ask if any is the cause of the frustration. The contract must include defined project objectives that explain the agreed upon task and the service developer resolves any misunderstanding and increases the possibility of obtaining the desired result at the end of the collaboration. To provide. Clarify the copyright clause and confirm that you are the owner of the final product. Sleep before you sign the contract and make sure it meets your interests and needs.


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