How to transfer ideas to iPhone developers and make them work

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This number of success numbers can inspire even the most unqualified owners of the technology, and may also appear in the winning application of the iPhone application. Our developers combine their vision with the understanding of the Apple platform and devise the program to create and interact with customers.

We have a wealth of knowledge in creating commercial software and an in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in the digital marketplace. Over the years, we have developed a solid interaction, coding and quality assurance and testing strategy to ensure that our first-class results work. We have great experience in developing successful programs for businesses large and small around the world, and we are always here to provide you with the perfect solution for your business tasks.

Have an Idea?

Before contacting the software developer, make sure that you have not implemented this idea before. If so, it's best idea to estimes something else, or find a unique in-app sales program, so it forces you to perfectly stand out of the crowd. So this concept was not invented? The next logical question should be "Why is this product not put into practice"?

There are three possible answers to this question:

  • it's not possible,
  • this is not so good idea,
  • or is unique.

Is It Possible ... or not?

When we say "not possible", it means that you invented the iPhone SDK will not allow something (still not so bad idea). For example, you can download sound clips from the web and save them to your iPod library. Theoretically good intention, but the iPod storage library has a read permission. So you can only do this. There are several guidelines in the iPhone SDK that restrict what you can do done so that this idea is not possible on these borders - but there may be a workaround (in the example above you create a custom appl to play the sound clip from the download ).

Bad idea

The most obvious and common bad idea often replicates the functionality and operation of an existing web resource in an iPhone application. You take the killer site design and become a market leader in a field. That does not mean it's the right choice to switch directly to the iPhone. If the concept is running on the site, then it is already be used on the iPhone. So even though it looks a little better, even if the separation of custom software does not have enough advantages.

What is the web application?

What can happen is that a great number of possible iPhone users are delayed by the site on the device. In such a case, you should think of using standard CSS and HTML to create a Web application to make the resource look like it's an an iPhone app, and it is not difficult for iPhone developers to use UiUiKit-like operations.

It is still alive!

You inspected the App Store and did not find a trace of the idea. You are sure to be active through device functionality and it is not a simple port for an existing website in the application. When this happens, the product may be a unique case, be sure to proceed!

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Meet the public

When you think of profeccional software product building, we are here to create an iPhone application for this, it is better to ask a question for yourself - "For what." Insane obsession of software development is just to show that the organisation is modern. Unfortunately, these people of business can easily spend great sums of money to create a small street credibility just to understand that any target audience does not use the iPhone (or will not use that application).

If the project simply replicates the features of the site, there is no meaning to make it an iPhone app (even a web program), unless more than 25% of visitors use the iPhone, or you have many people asking a separate program.

If you're convinced that most audiences are iPhone owners, and they need to move access to these services, products, or tools - this is a process.

Learn more about development costs

Building an iPhone application is not an easy task and is usually worthy of the experience you need to create a product for your product. If you think the application is unique and profitable, it pays to pay a development company like ours to complete the realization of a high-tech solution in the shortest time possible.

It is vital to understand that it is hardly possible to make the start project without a thorough investigation and possibility evaluation. Evaluation is commonly based on:

  • Next workload and project complexity - if you need an easy utility, it will cost less than a multi level 3D game.
  • The development phase - our developers search from the case, create products from scratch, provide the best quality assurance testing, help publish and post-launch support, which will be a cost. Or you may ask us to optimize the existing product, which will be cheaper.
  • The number of professionals - any stage of work must be performed by IT professionals so that all work is as possible. More steps - needs more hardworking and professional team members.
  • Additional Payments - Considering that the developer need to create server software (such as using push notifications), it should be also included in the budget calculation.
  • Note: Apple sells about 30% of sales at every cost, at the cost of the App Store. When you negotiate with the iPhone developer, ask if they mean the share of the sale price (about 30% of Apple) or profit (after Apple has been cut).

Create your own application

Apple provides all the tools that are used to create iPhone programs from the developer's site, even though it can not be managed without a Mac using the Intel processor. You can not create an iPhone program in Windows. With the free SDK commonly provided by Apple, you may use all the features of the iPhone and check it on the iPhone simulator.

Registered as Official Developer

However, you can not run the code from your own gadget or provide it to the App Store. If you plan to publish your new digital masterpiece at any time, make sure you sign up for the iPhone Developer Program. The standard cost is $ 99, including agreeing to Apple's terms and conditions, including signing and refunding the agreement. Even if you are not close to the project, you must register to verify the actual iPhone code instead of the screen simulator. Once you have a license, you are able create a profile that allows you to work on your own or 100 other equipment (for example, friends, colleagues, testers).

Tools and programming languages

All modern iPhone programs were written in Objective-C or Swift. Therefore, we recommend that you buy the book in the subject. If you are from a web environment (eg JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Ruby), we would recommend that you start with C and then go to Objective-C. You can insert it into the SDK and start using the location service and the accelerometer, but if you don't know how the setup or dictionary works, you'll never be able to create a well-executed program.

Import the software to the App Store

What's unique is the completion of the program code (which must be broadly verified in the simulator and the actual device) and the developer's license. Once you have them, it's time to develop the correct certificate to publish the product in the App Store. You will be prompted to provide not only description, title, and keyword text, but also provide screenshots and application icons for 512x512 pixels for Apple promotional materials. So make sure you can use them.


Copyright and legalities

When Apple corporation registers a new product, it is the approval process, regardless of copyright or any other legality. This means that technically, you can steal the idea of ​​"Super Mario Brothers" to create a dual program and then provide it. However, the developer is still continue to be responsible for copyright infringement and sued by the copyright owner and must pay damages. The basic rule is not to use copyrighted texts, images, or music, or imitate other people's ideas or intellectual property rights. If you work with our high qualified developers, we have signed the "Non-Disclosure Agreement" to protect the data and the rights of the author.

Adaptation, sales and survival!

Once we enter the App Store, the work will not end. Some design errors and problems can only occur when hundreds of users download the program and start using it. Therefore, it is necessary to provide several changes.

Do not expect a direct response - the App Store is an open market with around 20,000 apps and 2,000 games. It is very important to generate noise around the product: to attract development and play the community, start blogs about the programming process, screenshots and email news for iPhone news sites such as Touch Gallery, Pocket Player and FingerGaming. Of course, you can also use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.


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Contact the developer

If you are satisfied with the idea after reading all the above and would like to receive the developer on the iPhone, you can contact us with the following data:

  • A detailed explanation of this idea is that our team of developers is always ready to face new challenges, and if you share this idea and ask us to provide any help, it will be a real pleasure. Our experienced experts will provide you with a project estimate to determine the budget, terms and development strategies.
  • The service you're looking for - try to give developers details on the goals, expectations, and features of your future iPhone application. This will help you achieve your project according to your wishes.

We are here through reliable and customized software to help you achieve your business philosophy, an easy-to-use and user-friendly navigation. Let our team of professional iPhone developers help your business grow.