Our experience embrace across multiple industries


A bespoke CRM system for a flooring company.

Once we worked with a flooring company with several manufacturing and distribution centres across the UK and Europe. The customer was looking for a cloud-based CRM system to automate full-scale sales which could reflect company’s portfolio and flooring installation products. We developed and customised CRM system which can address particular needs of the customer. The software provides functionality that automates sales management, stores communication history with the client, and categorise the clients according to their geographic region. The system also has integrated email management eliminating the need to switch between the different software products.


A mobile application that simplifies tax payment.

It is important to be financially educated in the age of capitalism and well-developed commerce. Our customer approached us to develop a mobile application that will help people to gain insight into the tax system and learn to manage their own taxes. The application lets users deal with their taxes without appointments and waiting rooms providing the form for their income tax. A user should fill in the fields with the name, number, email address and other information and send it to our customer company. In two minute time, the user will receive the assigned who will take care of the rest.

College Time

A mobile application on Android and iOS platforms for college students.

One of our development cases was dedicated to the development of the mobile application that could help students to schedule their classes and events, navigate the campus, communicate with other students and campus workers. Our customer approached us to develop this application to create a better information infrastructure in the campus, simplify the navigation, and improve the interaction between campus-related people. The app lets to reduce the paperwork connected with maps, course schedules, professors information, and other topics. We have integrated geolocation functionality to help campus staff and students find the required classroom and any other place within the campus territory.

Design the Place

An e-commerce platform for interior and exterior design services.

Our customer wanted to improve the user experience during the online shopping process and make a contribution to the operational efficiency with a new bespoke website dedicated to the decoration services of the company. Our web developers built a new platform that operates online shopping processes and simplifies the provision of services. We integrated admin panel letting administrator edit the content such as best sellers, photo gallery, and promotions. Registered clients can make orders, add required products to the cart. We made sure that website looks attractive and fresh and provides smooth navigation and intuitivity.


A web system for efficient property management.

In collaboration with our client from property management company, we created a web platform that enables productive communication between company employees and residents organising maintenance workflow. This tool presents a source of information about the facilities eliminating the usage of multiple apps and website for this purpose. The program provides access to the activities, documentation, and events in every residential compound. The dashboard contains the information in different sections such as Maintenance calendar, Orders, Facility Cameras, Energy Use and others. The access to all this data let our client and his employees distribute work orders electronically, track active jobs and monitor staff productivity.


A web-based application for a custom price calculation.

Our client holds a website providing cloud server services, and as far as customers customise cloud servers according to their requirements, it is difficult to inform them about the cost in advance. So our client approached us to build a pricing calculating software that will improve user experience and provide information on the cost of the service. Our team developed and seamlessly integrated a smart software tool that customises the parameters according to the Quantity, OS, RAM, Block storage, CPU, Backups, and Managed Services. When users determine the parameters, they can provide additional specifications on the peripheral services which include Firewall, VPN, Bandwidth, Load Balance, and DNS management. Additionally, the software covers discount sections.