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Our digital agency helps companies around the world to offer creative and unique software solutions. We are leading IT agency, thanks to the very talented and qualified team.

Our experienced developers and designers are ready to inspire your imagination and are committed to maximizing creativity to solve problems and provide the development of first-rate programs for your agency.

Complex Software Development Team

Over the years, our development agency has created solutions for the entertainment, sales and transportation industries. We have a deep understanding of the perfect business plan and client applications. The team members can transfer their knowledge to your project. The dedicated and experienced developers offer easy-to-use, efficient and secure software that meets your needs and increases business costs to provide customers with a seamless user experience.

Experience is proud

Our well-trained team of experts has extensive work experience, agency has a large number of carefully crafted projects that have demonstrated efficient efficiency of development strategy, seemingly want to create a masterpiece of the best interests of the best among the tools of the program. Of course, all of the products are based on the enterprise software development industry, the trend of more reliable and more advanced development.

Our organization offers excellent IT products based on three basic principles:

  • Easy to use
  • 100% performance;
  • Attractive to customer and all users.

We offer a broad range of mission-oriented services designed for professional development, testing, implementation and complete maintenance of business applications in all areas.

What we do

You can trust our agency in the following areas of software development:

  • main10-cloud
  • main10-tablet
  • main10-folder
  • main10-bulb
  • main10-star

Development of customized software.

We offer a full range of mobile, networking and desktop products that have boosted the success of many businesses and agencies around the world. Enterprise Mobile Applications. The team includes more than 150 certified experts and delivered over 300 projects over the years in the digital industry. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in programming applications for iOS, Android, Windows and other popular platforms.

IOS application development

Our agency hires only top talented developers to create superior business solutions for iPhone and iPad, which is a smart tool for high performance or incredible games. Development of software for Android. Create easy-to-use visual capture programs, automated Android business processes, customer resolution, and brand promotion. Cross-platform programming. Saving cross-platform programs to develop local apps and expensive services by working on iOS, Android and other leading platforms.

Website design.

The organization provides web development, development, integration services, support and other services to ensure the angency's strong online presence, sales growth, visibility improvements and expansion of the customer base. Company system. We create intranets and enterprise Web systems to help organizations automate processes, improve performance, and simplify workflow management. Business analysis. We have great experience in providing data storage, analysis reports, toolbars and other data services.

Where is Software Creation Focused?

The main task of the software development agency is to create successful business applications and provide the customers with efficient tools. The programming is intended to provide detailed corresponding content that may be useful in the long run.

We provide a detailed explanation of the real-life test and difficult questions. We are different from other organizations because the development team runs tests, creates and designs custom programs, and presents a huge community of entrepreneurs for results. We understand the value of the agency to people, and that's why every member of the team takes great care in providing services.

The robust discovery process leads to better software design and UX

Many customers come to our software development agency and have some unclear thoughts. Over the years, we adhere to the constant development process, to help customers develop the right project. We start from the thorough investigation, collect as much information as possible, and then place that information in the actual travel location. We execute this process in three stages, each step of the structure is to adjust the success of the software.

Why does the software need to "discovery"?

The discovery process provides a solid foundation for the basics of the product, user experience, design, and development strategies. As you go along, it also provides acceptable testimonials and exams. Through this process, you can create general ideas and ensure that all team members start from the same page. At the end of the opening ceremony, you will have:

  • Outsourcing key proven from previous research evaluations,
  • Management software for the general purpose of the established set of functions,
  • And determine that the user will create real value.

The duration of the discovery process varies according to the project. In the case of our institution, it also depends largely on customer needs and starting points. Usually, in our agency, we use this process with those who must develop the idea of ​​the idea of ​​people and have begun to have many ideas.

In any case, how much time is required and the discovery process is divided into three key phases: research, thought and evaluation.

  • The research phase is dedicated to small analyzes through questionnaires and reviews.
  • Thought - there was a hard brainstorming and a functional evaluation.
  • Evaluation - The culmination of the opening process also includes drawing sketches and test concepts based on the ideas found.
  • Search

    The research phase involves transferring existing knowledge to all team members. In this phase, we analyze the corresponding reference materials, such as competitive analysis, market research and related indicators. Analysis of these source materials may indicate some preliminary guidance. Then you can go deeper, to carry out the questionnaire and comments. These methods provide a means to take some knowledge that can not be shared in the first place.

  • Questionnaire

    The questionnaire helps you to aggregate relevant information, documents, and conversations into a unified format. Using an overview of interactive tools, the team presents a series of thoughtful questions to customers to broaden their specific software vision features. This understanding guides future project decisions. The problems are also more obvious from the more creative:

    • Describe the software to solve the problem.
    • What should we know to create a worthy product?
    • In comparison to the car brand, this project is what, why?
    • How do people feel when people use software?
    • Do you want them to know what?

    These questions are intended to encourage the creators of the agency to think about the purpose and value of the application and to use the software to visualize how the brand and the user perceive it.

  • Buyer's legend

    The buyer's legend goes deeper than the typical user, and the idea of ​​how your product best interacts with the target audience to achieve the goal. How viewer opinion helps determine the problem and design the solution before solving the problem.

    Concept test

    The goal of the concept test is that, in general, the system will provide the function that is meaningful or meet the needs of the target audience. A conceptual test examines three aspects of the sketch: first impression, navigation expectation, and satisfaction. The first test will help you set the user restrictions on the five second view and if the user interface is working as it is. So the agency's experts discuss the concept of navigation. The experts like to let participants see sketches to simplify the conversation. We prefer to keep this part of the content because it is difficult for external participants who do not have specific software knowledge to give us the kind of response we need. Once we have more specific guidelines, we will focus on verifying the high frequency visual design with external participants.

  • Ideas

    Part of the thinking includes creating new ideas, detailing the idea of ​​trying to create a bubble forward. We use brainstorming to leverage as much as possible and organize it into the work plan.

    • Brainstorming

    The purpose of brainstorming is to produce as many ideas as possible and write them down. You can start brainstorming and determine the only issue about focus. We personally collect all team members together to collect ideas. To accept all possible brainstorming, try to remain silent and keep talking. He allows everyone to listen to their thoughts and listen to their speeches. It is best to reduce all ideas, do not spend time in vain to ensure that each concept is absolutely unique.

  • Evaluation

    The final stage of the discovery process is compromised with risk, and the concept of research is based on the concept and stage of research. Then the developers will conduct a conceptual test so that team members can draft sketches for feedback. Part of the research, thinking and evaluation is critical to the success of the product. This process allows the developer to identify the actual value of the user. We will also implement ourselves by establishing a function that meets the main objectives. Properly, the discovery process will help avoid costly neglect in the development process.


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